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Planting Positivity


Sunflowers wants to surprise, delight, and inspire! So, with every purchase, Sunflower guests receive a complimentary pack of sunflower seeds. Let us know how, when, where, and why you planted your sunflower seeds. Finally, share your photos and stories with us!

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Dear Sunflowers,


               Recently I visited your shop. I wanted to tell you about some good news:

              Two years ago, after a purchase made at your shop, you dropped a small bag of sunflower seeds into my bag. Out of curiosity, I planted those seeds. To my amazement, they grew, and kept growing! The pictures I am sending show the results. I had my sister stand in front of one flower just to show the actual size. My sister is 5 feet nine inches tall. As you can see, that flower is much taller than her. The other picture shows a flower reaching my second-floor window. From that window, I could actually reach out and touch it.

               Those sunflowers have provided a lot of fun watching them grow. I call them the "happy flowers" due to the fact that they seem to radiate sunshine and happiness. I had moved to Missouri four years ago (which is where the sunflowers grew) but I always enjoy going back to Peddler's Village wherever I visit my daughter in Easton, and your Sunflowers shop is always a "must" to see. Thank you for the sunflower seeds, and thank you for your wonderful shop.

Barbara Scott

Dear Sunflowers,


               In June, while attending my grandson's wedding in Newtown, I shopped and purchased some items in your lovely store. With it, came your packet of sunflower seeds. They flew back with me to Modesto, California, where I planted them in our resident garden box. 

              Thought you might like to see them, just blooming out! We had two giants grow like "Jack and the Bean Stalk"! The residents here loved them. After the flowers gave way to seed heads, I saved the seeds for next summer.

             So your sunflower seed packet traveled from Pennsylvania to California. They brought much joy. Thank you for the seeds!

Joyce A. Richardson

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